Thursday, September 2, 2010

We've Arrived!

Well -- after an arduous 25+hr trip from chattanooga to atlanta, to detroit, and japan - we have finally arrived on the island of Saipan - our new home :) We have arrived during the rainy season (or should we say, the more rain season :), and it is pouring outside as i type. Our flight came in on Sept 1 at about 1:40am, and we were greeted by SM's as well as some clinic and school staff! Since we got here, we have picked up our vehicle (which we shipped from CA), registered it in saipan and got our local drivers licenses! We start work next week at the lovely SDA Dental clinic! We had a chance to look around this beautiful green island this morning, and feel lucky to be surrounded by God's beauty, as well as some great people!
More info/catching up to come -- as well as some pictures :)
Thank you everyone for your prayers!

Monday, July 26, 2010

a new chapter

welcome to our blog! hopefully we can keep it somewhat updated...
it has been a busy busy last couple of months - what with sarahjane graduating from LLU dental school, william finishing his GPR at the VA Hospital, weddings, and packing up our home as we prepare to head to the island of saipan to work as missionaries in the SDA Dental Clinic! we are currently at Andrews University attending Institute of World Missions.
as we begin this new chapter in our lives, we hope that you will follow along - keeping us in your thoughts and prayers :)

LLU SD Class of 2010